The Novia Salcedo Foundation will be giving a course on Energy Efficiency in Buildings in  October in Bilbao

Green jobs are the qualifications of the future. Businesses are beginning to join an emerging sector that is generating jobs in new fields. These are the so-called ‘green jobs’, those that help reduce power consumption and the use of raw materials and water through efficiency, resulting in the control and prevention of environmental pollution. Among these fields, we can highlight ecodesign, renewable energy, the rehabilitation and construction of buildings, energy services, etc.

This new commitment to employment can already be found in sectors that are traditionally related to caring for the environment, such as water treatment and management, waste management, environmental services, the protection of natural spaces and biodiversity, and sustainable forest management. Even the ILO has repeatedly stated that this type of employment, particularly related to organic agriculture and renewable energies, is a goldmine for jobs, especially for young people.

Recent European guidelines require energy certifications, and new buildings must be almost zero-energy constructions. This is in addition to adopting energy efficiency plans and implementing a management system that includes audits. One of the main goals for the construction sector is to build causing minimal environmental impact. The use of energy is a core issue, as an enormous amount is required to erect homes and buildings.

Energy efficiency is one of the most efficient ways of meeting the increasing demand for energy in the world. In that line, the Basque Country is also committed to sustainable buildings through the Basque Ecodesign Hub. This is an initiative that emerged from the collaboration of the Basque Government, through its public company, Ihobe, and the Novia Salcedo Foundation; in addition to a network of agents involved, such as universities, citizens, entrepreneurs and enterprises (SMEs and clusters).


Under this approach, the Novia Salcedo Foundation will develop a training course on Energy Efficiency in Buildings in collaboration with the ACS Foundation, which aims to train people so that they can act as facilitators of energy management processes. The course also offers the possibility of internships in leading companies in the sector to apply the knowledge gained.

The programme is divided into five modules. The subjects that will be delivered in class include Introduction to Sustainability, Popular Architecture, Guidelines on Sustainable Building, Energy Audits. It is aimed at graduates, preferably in engineering, architecture, science and management, or unemployed people who want to enhance their skills as energy managers. The training is also open to working professionals who wish to complete their profile with this course. The course will take 56 hours to complete and will be delivered in face-to-face classes. It will begin in October at the headquarters of the Novia Salcedo Foundation at Campo Volantin 24, Bilbao.