Raquel Lozano, a young 23-year-old from Valladolid, has been designing a project that aims to boost job orientation sessions based on gamification

After completing a master in human resources, Raquel Lozano, a young expert in Business Management and Administration, working in human resources at the daily newspaper ‘El Norte de Castilla’, decided to design a project that would ensure that job orientation meetings went beyond offering a mere lesson.

Her proposal is based on gamification through the classic board game, Trivial Pursuit. Based on the game, the interaction, on questions and answers, attendees address issues that are essential to any job seeking process, such as a prior self-assessment, preparing a CV, how to approach an interview, how to use social networks and how to develop the skills required for a given job.

‘My job is to help you find a job’ was a finalist at the latest edition of the Adecco Awards to the brightest young ideas to change the world, which aims to promote Spanish youth as well as their talent, creativity and effort. Lozano will receive a grant to develop her proposal at Adecco’s Ser Creativo (Be Creative) campus in Madrid.