The website, which already has more than 2,000 active users, hosts opinions about the places where users have studied, obtained work experience or performed research

One of the big problems many students face is making the decision about where to take a university degree, a master’s degree or their doctoral studies. Aware of the important choices that need to be made as their studies progress, a group of Research & Science PhD students have developed an online platform called LabVisor.

In the style of the TripAdvisor travel platform, the site brings together reviews by users of the places where they have studied, obtained work experience or performed their research and with which groups. These recommendations will allow other users to view an assessment based on the experiences of others, which provides additional assistance when choosing. On many occasions, a bad decision can even lead to students abandoning research projects that could be of key importance for society.


How to sign up

Users must sign up in LabVisor through this link and provide an assessment of the place where they have studied. In order to avoid any problems, people’s names will be registered anonymously and will be protected under the new Data Protection Act. In addition, the people responsible for the site have undertaken to check that each person’s data are correct.

In just one month of site development, more than 2,200 active users have already registered, reaching 15,000 visits. The first establishment reviewed was the University of Salamanca, which was given a 10 in the ratings.