The consultancy firm McKinsey has edited its last report: ‘Education to employment: Getting Europe’s youth into work’. The report’s authors are Mona Mourshed, director of the Washington DC office; Jigar Patel, executive at the office in London; and Katrin Suder, director of the Berlin office.

According to the report (and not only to this report) youth unemployment in the European Union continues to be unacceptably high. Whilst young people are ready to work, more than half of those who don’t have a job say that they simply cannot find any, whilst companies from all Europe insist that they are struggling to find young people with the skills they need.

To understand this disconnection and what can be done to rectify it, McKinsey has employed the same methodology used in their 2012 report, ‘Education and Employment, Designing a System that works’, that was focused on countries including Brazil, Germany, India, Mexico, Morocco, Arabia Saudi, Turkey, United Kingdom and U.S.A.

Published by René Aga in ‘Construyendo capital humano’ on 2nd February 2014