The Formetal Foundation is promoting the ‘Return Metal Industry Youths’ programme, a training programme targeting young people under 35 who reside abroad and who have experience or professional interest in the metal industry. The goal is to enhance their management skills and encourage their return to Spain to occupy positions of responsibility in sector companies.

Entity linked to the Vizcaya Federation of Metal Industry Companies, Formetal wants this professional promotion and relocation to positions of greater responsibility programme to become an incentive to enable these young people to return. “The economic crisis has forced many well-trained young people to leave the country in search of employment opportunities abroad. Many have experience or are interested in the metal industry and our companies need to recover this talent so that young people can return and occupy positions of responsibility here”, explains the Managing Director, Jaime Fernández Alcedo.

The ‘Return Metal Industry Youths’ programme plans to train these people who reside abroad to develop their management skills so that they can find a job in high or middle management in the metal industry. The training, which will commence in May and last six months, is based on new technologies and on-line coaching. It consists of five stages (personal career, management style, management skills test, building a management skills plan and looking for employment as a manager) that will have the personalised support of an e-coach. “They will be offered cross-cutting training in order to learn the type of skills needed to take on a position of responsibility”, according to Formetal.

Once these young people have concluded their training period, they will have the necessary skills to qualify for a management position in any sector company, many of which are experiencing a generational change among middle level managers. Employment offers can be viewed on the website of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and in the Vizcaya Federation of Metal Industry Companies’ Labour Exchange.

This project, which is in its second edition this year, trained fifteen young people in 2014. It is co-funded by the 2014 Youth Programme of the General Directorate of Migrations (Ministry of Employment and Social Security) and enjoys the technical assistance of the consultancy firm, Inveslan. Young people interested in learning more about this programme can obtain further information on the Formetal Foundation’s website. People who wish to participate in the on-line coaching system must be registered in the Consular Matriculation Register as a resident or non-resident in the relevant foreign country.