This is the ‘Talentia’ programme, a Dual Vocational Training system

The ‘Talentia’ programme is based on a Dual Vocational Training system. The car manufacturer, Volkswagen, has announced its programme to promote youth employment, which it calls ‘Talentia’. This format contemplates an offer of 1,500 jobs in the company’s dealership network for Vocational Training students over the next five years.

All automotive brands are evolving rapidly, and these changes are coming to the dealerships. Not only regarding issues relating to electric cars, but also to customer service, sales techniques that mimic those of technology companies, and the possibilities that car connectivity will soon offer, which require new profiles. According to several studies, the Volkswagen Group ranks as the most attractive employer in the automotive world for both technical and humanities profiles.

To cater for this lack of qualified professionals, the car brand has training centres in Barcelona, Bilbao, A Coruña, Seville and Valencia, where all the employees of the national network take training and recycling courses in a wide range of fields: mechanics, bodywork, customer service, assistance. The company invests 30 hours per year in training per employee. The brand’s expectation is that the number of positions will increase in the medium-term.

Dual training

‘Talentia’ aims to expand to other autonomous communities and other professional profiles that are particularly sought after by the network of dealerships. This year, 85 students of the Automotive Higher Degree from vocational training schools in Madrid, Catalonia and Galicia have already enrolled in the first academic year of this Dual Vocational Training programme that provides a personalized programme of classroom and online content.

After completing their studies, students will have the opportunity to work in 26 dealerships and offices, where they will be able to develop their professional careers.

Starting next year, this training model will extend to new autonomous regions. However, in the meantime, the company is offering a number of arrangements with various high schools so that some students can do their internships in the company’s facilities.