Youth Employment and Gazte Up, the event organised by the newspaper, El Correo, with a view to promoting initiatives in favour of employment and generating discussion among and the participation of young people, will take place in the Artium Museum on Thursday with the presence of thirteen speakers and a programme full of answers regarding the future of employment.

The current situation of the labour market, the power of education, the importance of languages, the experience of entrepreneurs and digital tools are some of the issues that will be addressed during the second edition of Gazte Up.

The managing director of El Correo in Álava, María Goti; the Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour, José Blasco; the mayor, Gorka Urtaran; and the deputy general, Ramiro González, will be responsible for opening the event.

Subsequently, there will be a discussion table with the participation of José Blasco; the Councillor of Employment and Sustainable Development, Nerea Melgosa; the Deputy for the Promotion of Employment, Trade, Tourism and Provincial Administration, Cristina González; the Chairman of the board of directors of Indesa 2010, Jose Luis Alonso; and the director of the Department of People and Development of Lantegi Batuak, Óscar Sánchez.

Entrepreneurs take the floor

The political expert, Ana Santos, founder of Eventosfera – a marketing and digital communications business – will speak about social network sites, such as LinkedIn, and how they can be used and their reputation when it comes to finding a job. The audiovisual expert and director of Media Training & Consulting, Paco Rodriguez, will offer a lecture titled: ‘Pitching: how to sell your product in five minutes’.

Other speakers will include the director of the Fundación Vital Language Institute, Luis María García, and the person responsible for the Egibide international programmes, Juan Carlos San Juan, and the supervisor of internationalization at the Mendizabala Institute, Luis Nogales.

The final part of the meeting will be dedicated to  projects submitted by three entrepreneurs from Álava, Gik Blue (blue wine), which will be presented by one of its founders, the marketing expert, Imanol López. Jose Antonio Borge, founder of DatasurfHouse, will speak about a high-tech device designed for surfers and developed by his company. While Javier Yzuel, the creator of the business, Food Style, whose star product is frozen fried eggs, will share his experience with those present.