Industry, logistics, distribution, food and the automotive sector are the areas that can create more employment for young people

Once the summer campaign is over, in which many young people found temporary employment, it is time to find a more stable job now that companies are getting back to normal. Temporary Employment Agencies have a positive view of the summer campaign, since “many young people have found the opportunity to access the labour market as their first working experience, as a way to earn some extra income or to improve their employability for the future,” notes Sylvia Virto, director of Adecco in the Basque Country. According to Virto, it was easier for people with university or vocational studies because “companies want well-trained, flexible candidates with the capacity to learn and become involved in a business project”.

Infojobs confirmed that the good employment figures have been a constant feature since the beginning of the year. “We are seeing a positive trend that is now leading to 35% more published offers than in the same period last year. Our conclusion is that job creation is intensifying in Spain“, they stressed.

Therefore, the labour market prospects are positive for the last four months of the year. Adecco plans to process a greater number of contracts than in 2014. Young people can find employment, especially in sectors that are going to improve, such as the industrial, logistics, distribution, food and automotive sectors. Fork-lift drivers, warehouse staff, assembly experts, staff for school canteens, web programmers, electricians, experts in online marketing or investment analysts will be the first on the lists of job offers. “We believe other sectors will see a more moderate improvement, depending on the evolution of the overall economy” explained Sylvia Virto.

September and October will be “key” months in order to certify this positive trend, they say at Infojobs. “These are the months in which companies, mainly in the manufacturing business, assess the evolution of the year and, if they expect it to end positively, they may choose to recruit staff in order to strengthen their workforce for 2016. These are trend making months and this summer’s good results enable us to forecast that employment levels will continue to improve in the autumn”. This job website is sure that businesses are mainly asking for “cross-cutting profiles”, such as people that fall into the categories of Sales and Business, Computing and Telecommunications or Customer Service. However, Infojobs has recently identified “emerging sectors, such as mobile phones and energy, which have multiplied their employment offers over a short period of time“. HTML5 and mobile App programmers, community managers, sales staff specialising in energy efficiency and energy engineers are some of the professions on the rise.