Adecco and Infojobs offer the keys to improving your chances of being hired:

-Looking for a job is a job in itself and you must dedicate time, planning and organisation. It requires constancy and it is a good idea to establish a timetable and try to stick to it each day.
Proactivity: You have to move around and look in all possible scenarios (human resources companies, social networks, employment portals…). It is important to find out what the market is looking for as this may affect our training or the adaptation of your profile and skills to what the market demands.
-You must first perform an initial market analysis. Endeavour to find potential companies that may need your profile.
-Aim well: It is important to not sign up for everything because it can be counterproductive (a company can obtain information on you in different ways). It is of paramount importance to know yourself so that they don’t see you as ‘desperate’ and for the mental health of the candidate.
Be yourself: Show yourself as you really are. If we fake ourselves, we shall not fit in well and we shall not feel comfortable.
Prepare a good CV that stresses all your knowledge, experience and personal strengths. Each person must be aware of their strongest skills so that they can chose a suitable job or pass the selection process.
State what makes you different: Experience, collaborations …, attitude, and personal aspects will make all the difference.
Customised letter of presentation: It is a good way to summarise your CV. Include expectations, personal aspects (hobbies…) that may add value to your candidacy.
Search directly in databases (hunting): This is only possible if candidates make their CVs visible. Here, it is very important how you fill-in the information (pay attention to the key words that companies seek when they are searching).
Preparing interviews in advance is essential to be able to move on to the next phase of the selection process.
Keep learning from your profession. Languages are increasingly required and in the event of two similar CVs, they could weigh heavily in selecting a candidate.
Seek the assistance of human resources professionals to prepare a Curriculum Vitae, do a job interview or look for a job if you do not know where to start.