In Bulgaria the youth unemployment has been reduced 4 points on the year in 2014, according to the 2014 annual report on youth approved by the government. According to ‘’ the rate of unemployment in the age group 15-29 stood at 17.7%, down by 4.1% from two years ago.

The report provides information about the social and economic condition of young people in Bulgaria, as well as the measures taken by the central and local authorities to improve the situation, according to the government’s press office.

Furthermore regarding questions related to the healthy lifestyle and sports, over 25% of the youths polled say that they practice sport. 60% of those polled say that there are a sufficient number of sports facilities near their homes.

Last but not least, negative trends are observed in the sphere of young people’s civic engagement and interest in politics. Around 2% of those polled are part of a youth organization or a humanitarian organization or a trade union. A similar share of young people, are part of a political formation.