Promote the youth employment visiting eight countries by bus. That´s the Building Bridge Foundation  new adventure to combat unemployment between young people

Do you remember a story we published about two young people who embarked on an adventure titled pedalling for Africa to promote change? Well, The Building Bridge Foundation has decided to attempt something similar. This time, travelling by bus and touring the African continent with young people from Europe and Africa. The mission of this non-profit organisation established in the Netherlands is to provide solutions to contribute SDGs.

On this occasion, the idea is to start in Johannesburg, visit the main rural areas of eight countries. In Namibia, there will be a major event hosted by the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC). The goal is to obtain first-hand knowledge on youth unemployment, which is affecting many young people in Africa. In addition, they will be able to exchange views and seek joint solutions to develop any ideas that arise to start businesses.

With this in mind, they will have the collaboration of various Youth Ambassadors with expertise in a range of fields that will help them to launch any incipient ideas. This unprecedented adventure will visit eight countries and end in Nairobi. Once there, they will be able to explain their trip and submit any innovative ideas they may have gathered.

An original initiative intended to change the unemployment situation in which many young people in the region find themselves. The Building Bridge Foundation mentions, something that everyone shares: that young people are not a problem but part of the solution. Under that premise, they will seek to share all their progress and innovations through social networks. A major challenge lies ahead for them; however, with the necessary alliances, they will achieve what they have set out to do.