This year, the Ministry of Work aims to ensure more than 73,000 people have decent jobs

A job, an internship or work experience in the public or private sector are the positions available to more than 73,000 young Ecuadorians in 2019. The Ministry of Work has launched three programmes designed to offer suitable or decent employment to a group of the population that encounters severe problems when trying to access the labour market.

Employment Partner Network
This Network is a platform that makes it easier for citizens to find job opportunities and for companies and institutions to hire qualified personnel. People of all ages can register their personal data, work experience, skills and abilities on this platform. Employers must have an agreement with the Ministry of Work and publicize their needs and, subsequently, the Cartera de Estado (State Portfolio) will start to identify potential candidates. The Ministry expects more than 45,000 people to find decent jobs thanks to this programme, according to the newspaper, El Comercio.

Youth Employment
This programme targets young people aged 18 to 26 who have completed their basic education and who are available to work full time. Another requirement is that they do not have more than 12 consecutive months of full-time experience. Companies that want to join the Youth Employment programme must register the worker with the Ministry of Work. The agreement with the employer lasts two and a half years and, as part of this project, the Government acknowledges the monthly basic wage, 100% of the contribution by the business and 100% of the holidays. These benefits will only be in effect during the first year and from the second the company must take charge of them.
It is estimated that by 2021 the project will benefit 60,000 young people who, in addition to a job, will receive training in soft skills, the Labour Code and in the duties and rights of a worker in a company.

My First Job
This programme mainly focuses on internships and work experience for young people aged 18 to 29 who are still studying or have graduated and are 18 months from acquiring their degrees. Another of the requirements is that they have not benefited from the programme in the past. The work experience covered in this project, which is expected to benefit 29,000 young people by 2021, will take place in public companies while internships will be provided by the private sector. Both will last from 4 to 6 months. The companies shall be reimbursed 50% of the third of the unified basic wage and the contribution to the IESS (national insurance) during their six-month internship. If they hire a person, they must return the remaining 50% that the company invested in the worker during the internship, acknowledging a total of 1,200 dollars for the employer.