200,000 Greeks have left the country since the crisis broke out in a nation where one out of every two people under 25 is unemployed

In addition, there is no hope of things changing. This is one of the many reasons given by Greek youths who decide to leave the country in search of a better future. Greece is one of the countries that is being most affected by the tail end of the crisis. According to the latest study prepared by the Endeavour group, more than 200,000 Greeks have left the country because there are hardly any jobs.

An unemployment rate that reached historic levels last March (25.6%), corruption, the crisis, an uncertain future or the good perspectives found abroad are some of the reasons that, according to Professor Eduardo Martínez Abascal, have led Greece to occupy the second position on the list of countries with the highest levels of emigration in Europe (1.2%); only exceeded by Ireland (1.9%) and ahead of Spain (1%).

It is precisely people under 25 who are most affected. More specifically, one out of every two young people between 18 and 25 are unemployed (49.7%). Consequently, emigration has become the only solution. Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, France and Germany are the main destinations for young people who want to progress in life. The Ministry of Economy will try to avoid mass emigration through industry development policies to encourage those with higher qualifications to stay in spite of the fact that wages are now half of what they used to be.