Experience, your latest job, responsibilities, achievements, and your digital footprint are aspects that should not be missing from your résumé

A CV is like a blank canvas that is painted on over the years. Before joining the job market, your résumé will only include relevant data on your place of study, Erasmus, the company where you spent some time doing work experience and basic contact information. In addition to qualifications and further studies, companies value a person’s level of specialisation. This includes computer skills, fluency in English, additional training courses and digital tools. Another aspect that is no less important is geographical mobility. Most companies have branches in other cities in Spain or abroad. But there are five aspects that businesses take seriously when ruling out candidates. Below, we shall review the aspects you should include in your proposal to a prospective employer.


If you have little or no experience, the chances of getting a job decrease when you are competing against a candidate who has a previous track record. Ideally, you should be able to combine a good educational record with further practical training.

Latest Job

This section provides the key to a candidate’s current status. Prepare this aspect because, during the interview, this will be one of the questions you will be asked. In addition, you must mention how long you were in a given position. You can also mention your volunteer work or your time as a scholarship holder.


The company will review the responsibilities you had in each company carefully. This will indicate whether you can do the same job or not. Include your technical skills and abilities.


Job promotions, increased sales figures, the number of contracts closed, trips abroad representing the company… List your achievements in the company. Recruiters will decide whether you can meet the expectations for the position for which you are applying. Therefore, it is important to explain your contribution to each company in each of the positions you have held clearly.

Digital Footprint

Businessmen value a candidate’s presence on social media, especially if it focuses on their profession. However, this can also be a double-edged sword. Review your major accounts, check your history… You could be in for a nasty surprise.