2018 promises to be a crucial year for disadvantaged Peruvian youths who aspire to find a job. Throughout the coming year, the Jóvenes Productivos (Productive Youth) programme will provide a total of 10,950 training courses that will help them access the labour market. The Deputy Minister for Employment and Job Training, Jaime Obreros, announced a range of courses for machine operators, electricians, farming, civil construction, sales assistants and telemarketing phone operators. “I would like to encourage young people to seize this opportunity and enrol in the training programme to improve their skills and become more employable”, he stressed.

This training programme is part of a number of actions that the government of Peru are undertaking to reduce poverty by creating stable and well-paid jobs. An example of this is their dual training programme, which Peru is implementing successfully. This dynamic and flexible learning mode alternates training in an academic environment, such as a vocational studies centre, and in a working environment, such as a company.

The Ministry of Work and Employment is also preparing the National Youth Employment Plan that seeks to promote decent jobs, social protection, improved employability, and entrepreneurial and business skills. There are more than 8 million young people aged 15 to 29 in Peru, of which 61.9 % are either working or looking for jobs.