This country in Oceania has become one of the most common destinations for Spaniards in search of opportunities

It may be the idyllic notion we have of Australia that attracts so many Spaniards, who are travelling to this island in Oceania in search of job opportunities they are unable to find here. The truth is that it is a country that offers opportunities, not only jobs but also a chance to improve your English. Some of the most common places where these emigrants find jobs are on farms, collecting fruit and pasture. They work as volunteers in exchange for food and lodging (web: An excellent opportunity to enjoy a different experience in one of the most diverse countries on the planet.

However, working in Australia legally is complicated. You require a visa that entitles you to work, something that is very difficult to obtain. Australia is a country that strictly protects its borders and, therefore, its citizens. For this reason, in order to get a job, you need to have a student visa for example. With this type of visa, you can combine a series of studies with part-time employment.

One way of getting the necessary information on what life is like in Australia and on actual job opportunities is through Spaniards who are already living there. It is easy to contact them as several websites have been created to help people who want to try their luck in the country. AussieYouTOO (, is a website created by pioneering Spaniards. They are familiar with the difficulties of settling in this country; and who better than a few veterans to help newbies who are looking for a change of life?